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We recommend getting whole beans and grinding right before you brew.
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Which of these coffee personalities do you resonate with?
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You love drinking coffee often and you are just exploring how to brew your own coffee at home.
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You want an occasional reminder to slow down and appreciate the brewing process.
You brew your own coffee when you need time to slow down and appreciate the present.
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Dark Roast
Light Roast
Saturday Blend
Hazel nuts, Toasted Cereal
The familiar go-to cup of classic coffee you get at 
quality cafes
Dark Roast
Light Roast
Holiday Blend
Yellow Peach, Chocolate
The cup of special coffee you get at
specialty cafes
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Why buy freshly roasted 
from yasumi coffee?

Better flavour, longer shelf life
Fresh coffee retains the original flavour of the coffee's origin.
When you purchase stale coffee, no matter how great the quality is, most
of the flavours would have already been lost.
It does not cost more than store-bought coffee
When you purchase coffee from a local roaster like us, there are less costs
involved in the logistics of bringing the coffee to you.

We can also ship out your coffee the next day after roasting for maximum freshness
Loved by thousands of Singaporeans
We have already served thousands since we have started roasting coffee since 2023! We have spent countless hours researching and experimenting on how to bring out our coffee's maximum potential.

Here's why smart coffee drinkers Purchase 
their coffee only on a subscription plan.

Yasumi Coffee 
Greater Savings on Better coffee
Majority of our coffees are specialty-grade and freshly roasted.
What's more, you save up to 25% more + $2 Shipping fees when you subscribe
Never run out of Fresh Roasted Coffee
Automatically schedule your coffee to be freshly roasted
according to your own preferred frequency down to the
number of days.
Generous Rewards Plan
Get rewarded for doing something you already do daily.

Our Gentle Morning Cup is available for redemption right after your 3rd order!
One-time Purchase from 
Store-bought brands
Pay more for lower quality coffee
Store-bought coffee can sit on shelves for months, losing
all it's flavour. Prices on average cost more than our subscription plan coffee.
Making a trip to the grocery store
Nothing is worst than heading to the supermarket to find coffee without a roast date, this means your coffee could have been roasted a year or more ago.
Miss out on Rewards and further discounts
There are little to no loyalty programs for store-bought coffee which is a loss if you drink coffee or a recurring basis.