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We are on a mission to simplify the process of enjoying high quality coffee.

Brew a great cup every time!

The Yasumi French Press uses immersion brewing for the most consistent extraction of flavours while being super simple to use!
The Yasumi French Press
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To Gentle Mornings 🌻

Start your morning gently with our innovative swivel locking cup, perfect for coffee!
Gentle Morning cup
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Specialty Coffee Tasting Bundle

now $27.90
With purchase of 250g coffee ( $21.90 )
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Freshly Roasted Always

You can now try out our expertly curated and roasted coffees from the regions of Brazil, Ethiopia, and Indonesia.

The Tasting Bundle includes:

  • 1 x Brazil Single-origin coffee 80g
  • 1 x Ethiopia Single-origin coffee 80g
  • 1 x Indonesia Single-origin coffee 80g
    ( Bundle worth SGD25 )
Choose to have your beans in whole form or pre-grounded for you.
Note: You need to have a coffee grinder that can grind coffee beans coarse if you pick the whole beans bundle.
3 Single-Origins are included in your Specialty Coffee Tasting Bundle!
Notes: Red Grapes, Blueberries, Chocolate
Fruity and aromatic coffee from the regions of Ethiopia with a pleasant grape-like aroma that makes for a really interesting taste.

Excellent to drink black without any sugar.
Notes: Hazelnuts, Almonds, Chocolate
You have never tasted coffee this nutty before! Tastes really rich with almost almond milk-like texture and a hint of hazelnut aroma. 

Perfect for a latte.
Caramel, Apples
Super aromatic coffee with the familiar and satisfying taste similar to apples.

This coffee has a caramel-like sweetness which complements the gentle acidity very well, excellent to drink on it's own or with milk!

Expertly Roasted. Guilt Free Pricing.

Save money while drinking amazing coffee made from the same quality of freshly roasted 100% arabica coffee beans that specialty cafes use.

Drink coffee guilt-free at almost $1.50  per cup!

Get your coffee fix without the caffeine jitters.

Arabica coffee beans has significantly less caffeine than robusta coffee beans so you can get your coffee fix without worrying about the caffeine headaches.

Convenient to drink anywhere

Coupled with our Yasumi French Press, you can brew our coffee anywhere, at home, at work or even in the great outdoors.
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The Perfect Gift Bundle

The Yasumi Press is now $27.90 only when you purchase it 
with a bag of 250g coffee.
Freshly Roasted Coffee
The Yasumi French Press
Packed Together in our Yasumi Box

Treat yourself to Amazing Specialty Coffee At Home.

You will be amazed by the flavours.
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Yasumi Coffee is for everyone.

There is no perfect way on how to drink our coffee,
brew it just the way you like.

Please enjoy this freshly roasted coffee in a restful state of mind.

Let go of your worries and have a coffee yasumi
with anyone, anywhere.
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