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Dark Roast
Most Popular
Colombia Single Origin
Double Chocolate
Bittersweet dark chocolate taste reveals a milk chocolate sweetness when milk is added.
Dark Roast
Best seller
Brazil Single Origin
Brown Sugar
A syrupy sweetness reminiscent of brown sugar with a luxuriously thick body.
Dark Roast
Nicaragua Single Origin
A delightful rounded sweetness resembling monk fruit with a rich, dense body, making for a truly satisfying cup.
Light Roast
Indonesia Single Origin
Caramelised Apples
It has an aromatic fragrance and crisp acidity of Red apples coupled with a well-balanced sweetness with a likeness to caramel. 
Light Roast
Ethiopia Single Origin
Red Grapes, Blueberries
An unbelievable fruity aroma that resembles ripe grapes and blueberries.

This coffee can be savoured on its own without any additional sugar or milk.
Light Roast
Brazil Single Origin
Hazelnuts, Almonds
If you are a fan of nuts this is the coffee for you! 

This expertly roasted coffee from Brazil has almond milk-like flavor coupled with a hazelnut aroma when brewed.
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