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Coffee Creep T-Shirt and Brazil Dark Roast Coffee Bundle


We are collaborating with our friends at quietly.doodling to bring you this amazing bundle for coffee lovers. You can now wear your coffee addiction on your sleeve with this cute coffee creep T-shirt while sipping a cup of joe made from our Bestselling Brazil dark roast coffee beans.
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Get the Ultimate Bundle for Coffee Lovers β€οΈβ˜•οΈ

Single-origin Brazillian coffee - Dark roasted for extra crema

Our Brazilian coffee offers a syrupy sweetness reminiscent of brown sugar with a luxuriously thick body, resulting in a smooth and indulgent coffee experience.

This coffee is straight from the epicenter of coffee production - Sul de Minas in Minas Gerais! This region, known for its lush lands and high elevation, is a major player in the global coffee game. Sul de Minas is the ideal home for Arabica plants to grow and produce some seriously tasty coffee. With small farms dominating the region, it still cranks out 30% of Brazil's coffee! The coffee grown here is packed with fruity aromas, citrusy flavors, and a bold body.

No wonder it's our best-selling coffee for the month of June!

The Coffee Creep T-Shirt - Wear your coffee addiction

What better way to express your coffee addiction than with the one-of-a-kind coffee creep T-shirt from our local doodle artist quietly.doodling!

This high quality 180g cotton t-shirt is comfortable and ideal for day-to-day activities.

Whether you like it oversized or prefer a snug fit, there is a size for you!

Refer to the size guide below for accurate measurements.

Don't miss out on this Limited time only Bundle Promotional Offer

You can get both the coffee and T-shirt for just $34.50 ( Plus free shipping ) instead of the usual price of $46.80.

There are limited stocks to this bundle, make sure to cart out your orders when this promotion ends on 8th August!

Due to high demand, please allow for 2-4 working days for the T-shirt to reach you.

Our coffee ships separately according to our usual roasting schedule! ( See delivery notice to your email )

Get this bundle today! 
( Limited Stocks Available )


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Please enjoy this freshly roasted coffee in a restful state of mind.

Let go of your worries and have a coffee yasumi
with anyone, anywhere.

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