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We are on a mission to simplify the process of enjoying high quality coffee.

Brew a great cup every time!

The Yasumi French Press uses immersion brewing for the most consistent extraction of flavours while being super simple to use!
The Yasumi French Press
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To Gentle Mornings πŸŒ»

Start your morning gently with our innovative swivel locking cup, perfect for coffee!
Gentle Morning cup
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Subscriber Rewards FAQ

Why do we reward subscribers?

Subscriptions create a recurring predictable demand for coffee which is hugely beneficial to the farmers. Coffee farmers previously had to invest years of effort and time with no promise of selling the coffee for a fair price when the coffee is ready for harvest.

Your recurring commitment to a specific coffee farm gives the smallholder farmers security and the peace of mind to focus on creating the best coffee.

You get a great cup of coffee in the end by simply choosing to drink the same cup of coffee πŸ™‚

To thank all our subscribers for uplifting the coffee industry, we have created a subscriber rewards program that rewards long-term subscribers.

How are points calculated?

For each successful completion of your subscription renewal order, 1 point will be awarded to you.

Points are never consumed when you redeem rewards, they will keep accumulating to unlock new rewards based on the total points accumulated.

Upon cancellation, points are returned to 0.

Rewards that are only available for the first subscription will no longer be available in your subsequent subscription or reactivation.

How are rewards claimed?

Upon unlocking your reward, you will receive a coupon code via email that you can apply to checkout the reward from our website similar to how you would purchase a product.

Rewards must be claimed within the expiry date as most of the rewards have limited stocks, no replacement reward will be given if the reward expires.

Some rewards may have a longer expiry date as it is still in production.

Do rewards come with free shipping?

Rewards do not come with free shipping by default. However, if you have an ongoing subscription with us, we can ship your reward together with your coffee so that we can subsidize the shipping costs.

Free shipping for rewards is one of the perks of keeping an active subscription.

You can still claim your reward after your subscription has ended. However, you will need to cover the shipping fees for the reward.

Are all rewards revealed already?

No, the rewards system is fairly new and the team is brainstorming on new products that we can offer to coffee lovers that can also subsequently serve as rewards.

We will slowly but surely add different rewards that are relevant to coffee lovers or fit within the Yasumi Coffee brand.

What if the reward is not available yet when I have unlocked it?

Some rewards are still in the making but we are always excited to share them with you once we confirmed the production. These upcoming rewards will be listed in the rewards milestone.

If you are on a shorter renewal frequency, you may unlock the reward before it is available.

The expiry window for the reward will always be within the launch date, if it happens to expire before it is launched, you can request a new coupon code from us.

Does suspension affect points?

No, you can suspend your account and it will not affect your points, but please note that most of the rewards will be fully claimed within a month so your reward may no longer be available when you return from your suspension.

Have a technical issue with the point calculation?

There may be situations where points may not be awarded due to technical bugs. Please send us an email regarding your issue, we can manually look into your orders to award the deserved points.

How to use coupons?

For discounts on your coffee subscription plan - Simply apply to coupon to your subscription plan in your account dashboard under the subscription.

For discounts on our products - Checkout the product as usual on our website and apply the coupon code to your cart.

To enjoy free shipping together with your next subscription order for your reward, make sure you have an active subscription with us, the order will be shipped together with your subscription coffee! ( Make sure you have an upcoming subscription delivery and your plan is not suspended. Otherwise, the reward will not be shipped. )

If you do not have an active subscription, you can also simply just choose the standard delivery option and cover the shipping fees to claim your reward!

Terms & Conditions

  1. Eligibility: Customers must have an active subscription to be eligible for the rewards program. The program is only available to individual consumers, not businesses or organizations. Customers must be at least 18 years old.
  2. Enrollment: Customers are automatically enrolled in the rewards program when they purchase a subscription. No additional action is required to participate.
  3. Earning Rewards: For every order placed, customers earn points. The number of points per order will be specified in the program details. Points are only earned for paid orders, not orders that are cancelled or refunded.
  4. Reward Tiers: Once customers hit certain order thresholds, they become eligible for freebies. The order thresholds and corresponding rewards are specified in the program details.
  5. Claiming Rewards: The customer will receive an email notification of the reward. Customers must claim their reward within 30 days or any other date stated in the reward, after which the reward expires.
  6. Restrictions: Rewards cannot be transferred, sold, or traded. They have no cash value and cannot be exchanged for cash.
  7. Termination: We reserve the right to suspend or terminate the rewards program at any time. If the rewards program is terminated, customers will have a specified period of time to use their earned rewards.
  8. Forfeit of points: We reserve the right to deduct points if we detect any abuse of our reward system such as creating multiple accounts to get referral bonuses, or exploiting any other loopholes in the system.
  9. Modification of T&C: We reserve the right to amend these T&Cs at any time. Customers will be notified of any changes and continued participation in the program will constitute acceptance of the revised T&C.
  10. Liability: We are not responsible for any loss or damage arising from the rewards program, except as required by law.
  11. Privacy: Customer information collected through the rewards program will be handled according to our privacy policy.


Yasumi Coffee is for everyone.

There is no perfect way on how to drink our coffee,
brew it just the way you like.

Please enjoy this freshly roasted coffee in a restful state of mind.

Let go of your worries and have a coffee yasumi
with anyone, anywhere.
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Adrian Wan
Adrian Wan

Just left us a 5 star review

Adrian Wan

I've tried different coffee subscription services before, and Yasumi is the best I've used. I make espressos at home, and their beans are excellent. I've had to ask for help with my subscription before and they were always very helpful and patient.


I do really love the YASUMI Coffee! It brings much much convenient for me, I have an espresso machine at home, so I could make a great cup of coffee everyday. Fresh grind the whole bean, fresh brew the double shot, fresh steam the milk, and then, a fresh cup of specialty coffee. I have order with YASUMI coffee since last year, which Im really happy with the fresh whole bean which deliver to my mail box everytime! and the teams are so cute that everytime will send you an email to inform you that your coffee is going to roast, going to deliver. And the other thing I like YASUMI is becuz they are very flexible which I could skip the slot when I need to travel. Appreciate a lot!

Glenden Gn

Decent coffee

Min H

Love the customer service from Yasumi. Have tried Brazil dark roast, Colombia and Nicaragua coffee beans. Enjoyed all 3 roasts very much. Yasumi coffee beans is of great quality. Amazing aromas!

Raphael Chang

Indonesian coffee was light roasted and flavourful. Yasumi has varied coffee bean varieties to suit different tastes. Subscription model is convenient and has a lot of discount perks for regulars.

Kay Tse

The package of coffee comes with tasting notes and coffee info. The coffee itself smells super good and the brewed coffee I chose is very smooth and less acidic. Perfect!

Emily C.

A great coffee subscription service that makes my daily coffee a breeze - particularly love the ability to delay a delivery by a week or two so I can finish my existing beans before new ones arrive!

Jerry Wong

Had some trouble with my mailing address and customer support was very patient and responsive


Great coffee and service! Flexible coffee subscriptions and their Coffee Tour lets you try many different types of beans every order


Signed up for the trial and only paid $0.99 for delivery. Received the coffee promptly after a few days in my letterbox. Packaging is SO cute and they even included tasting notes of the coffee beans sent! They even included a sample of another coffee bean for free :') Coffee beans were freshly roasted and smelt amazing when they arrived too :)

mabel khaw

great coffee and service. a little in the expensive end but they deliver in terms of quality

Yi Ching Yeoh

Got an extra 60g of coffee in the trial subscription to try out. Can’t wait to try out the different beans!

Jane Chiang

Coffee with origins and no regrets trying out! Grind is consistent, the fragrant and beans are all fresh!

Jasmine Tan

Tried the Brazil coffee. Great nutty taste and smell. Received on same day of the roast too. Fast delivery

Shawn Lee

Convenient and good beans subscription :)

Matthew Ling

Good customer support

Yong Sheng Tan

Great coffee at affordable prices

Cassie Li

I got a trial subscription, the morning cup, and the French press. Customer service was great, and the package came fast. I tried both Brazil and Tropic Daydream. They were super aromatic and made my day. Looking forward to trying other coffee beans for my next subscription.

Jane Peh

Love the ease of subscription and Yasumi coffee is the best!

Jenson Fong

Subscribed to their weekly coffee beans. Beans are good, and overall a pleasant experience.

Hyeon J

Fuss-free coffee subscription! Love that I can easily switch up my beans, its grind, the schedule of roast and delivery. Most importantly, I’m pleased with the aroma and taste of the beans I got!

Jasmine Teo

Love the coffee beans and the flexibility to choose the type of beans as well as when I want the beans to be delivered

Keep The Faith

Thumbs up! No regrets! coffee bean subscription 🙏

I started with the free trial and got hooked! Already tried 3 of 6 of their coffee and 4th one awaiting to be delivered. Beans are well roasted, flavourful and fresh.

lydia low

Great coffee and customer service. They have a good selection of coffee as well.

Isaac Kong

The delivery was fast. The beans was freshly roasted and the quality of the beans was good. I also received a free sample bag of coffee which i really appreciated

YangShi YS

Completely hooked! One of my joys now is to look forward to my coffee delivery and indulged in that addictive aroma. The coffee bean are roasted to perfection. No any other coffee bean come close.

Yong Qi
hayden tay

The ease of coffee subscription cannot get any easier and fuss free. Not to mention the coffee taste superb. The coffee packet is almost always empty.

Michal Polak

Love the coffee, always flexible to change the coffee flavour and comes in time!

Tricia Chen

I bought their 250ml morning cup a few months ago. It is not worth the price. When it arrived, I could tell the quality wasn’t great. Coffee stains cannot be washed off or removed, and it looks terrible just after 1 month of usage. I’m very disappointed with the product.

Emily Cher

One of my favourite coffee subscription services in Singapore: user-friendly interface, great rewards for continued subscription, and most important of all, I enjoy the beans!

Yi Wei Toh

I ordered a trial subscription. The package came fast and the beans were well packed (despite being unregistered mail). The additional 60g X'mas sample was a nice surprise as it was meant to be a 120g trial and I actually really liked it. Usually do pourover or espresso at home with a hand grinder.

Cattier Sha

We enjoy the latte so much brew with yasumi Colombia bean! After a trial I've decided to keep the subscription and receive the fresh high quality coffee bean regularly.

Joan Lee
Rishi Mistry
Allon Lim

Great coffee subscription service and very fuss-free. The beans they use are freshly roasted :)

I got very good coffee bean quality with a reasonable price from Yasumi. Highly recommended.

Arjie Tupaz

There customer service was excellent, they were able to resolve the issues the raised regarding my subscription


High quality coffee.

Eng Hui Chua

yasumi makes coffee deliveries super easy!

Damien Koh
Jing Yin

Love the freshly roasted coffee beans and warm customer service! Recommend to try!

Simon Y

Just brewed a cup of Tropic Daydream. Wonderful blend, so delicious. Right amount of acidity and body. Great customer service and responds to email timely. Thanks for the rebates as well.

Jing Jiho
Alan Tan

Very quick response to my question that is accurately and clearly explained. The professionally designed online platform is customer centric and paid attention to details. I hope the coffee I’ll be receiving will be as good if not exceed my expectations. Pretty sure it will. Looking forward to my caffeine fix soon! Yes! Got my coffee earlier than expected. Got my caffeine fixed. Love the taste and can’t ask for more.

XinYi How

Finally order my first trial coffee from Yasumi. The moment I open the package . The coffee smells so good, love the fruity taste


Superb Quality of Specialty Coffee available