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Our Specialty Grade Coffee Beans will make you rethink what coffee tastes like.
If you are new to specialty coffee, we promise you will never taste coffee the same way again after trying these beans.

Our beans are specialty grade, scoring above 80 points on a 100 point scale. When at their peak they are different to other coffee because Specialty Coffee has been grown at the perfect altitude, at the correct time of year, in the best soil, and then harvested at just the right time.

On top of being freshly roasted, our beans are sourced ethically and can be traced directly back to the single smallholder farmer that produced the coffee, which is why it is also called single-origin.

Single-origin coffee beans are only served at the best cafes and top establishments.

Join Thousands of Singaporeans 
making the smart choice of drinking better coffee at a better price

It actually costs 5x less to brew your own cafe quality coffee at home than ordering a cup of coffee.

Travel with your tastebuds.
 Enjoy the distinct flavours from 
different Parts Of the world.

Dark Roast
Colombia Single Origin
Double Chocolate
Bittersweet dark chocolate taste reveals a milk chocolate sweetness when milk is added.
Dark Roast
Brazil Single Origin
Brown Sugar
A syrupy sweetness reminiscent of brown sugar with a luxuriously thick body.
Dark Roast
Nicaragua Single Origin
A delightful rounded sweetness resembling monk fruit with a rich, dense body, making for a truly satisfying cup.
Light Roast
Indonesia Single Origin
Caramelised Apples
It has an aromatic fragrance and crisp acidity of Red apples coupled with a well-balanced sweetness with a likeness to caramel. 
Light Roast
Ethiopia Single Origin
Red Grapes, Blueberries
An unbelievable fruity aroma that resembles ripe grapes and blueberries.

This coffee can be savoured on its own without any additional sugar or milk.
Light Roast
Brazil Single Origin
Hazelnuts, Almonds
If you are a fan of nuts this is the coffee for you! 

This expertly roasted coffee from Brazil has almond milk-like flavor coupled with a hazelnut aroma when brewed.
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Yasumi Coffee 
Greater Savings on Better coffee
Majority of our coffees are specialty-grade and freshly roasted.
What's more, you save up to 25% more + $2 Shipping fees when you subscribe
Never run out of Fresh Roasted Coffee
Automatically schedule your coffee to be freshly roasted
according to your own preferred frequency down to the
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Generous Rewards Plan
Get rewarded for doing something you already do daily!
Our Gentle Morning Cup Worth $34.90 is available for redemption right after your 3rd order!
One-time Purchase from 
Store-bought brands
Pay more for lower quality coffee
Store-bought coffee can sit on shelves for months, losing
all it's flavour. Prices on average cost more than our subscription plan coffee.
Making a trip to the grocery store
Nothing is worst than heading to the supermarket to find coffee without a roast date, this means your coffee could have been roasted a year or more ago.
Miss out on Rewards and further discounts
There are little to no loyalty programs for store-bought coffee which is a loss if you drink coffee or a recurring basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

About the Coffee

Is this instant coffee? Just add water?

No, this is not instant/freeze-dried coffee that can be brewed by just adding hot water. 

You will need brewing equipment or a most minimally a drip bag. 

If you want to "cold brew" the coffee, you will need to pass it through a fine filter as the coffee powder will not dissolve into the water.

Check out our very own Yasumi Press if you need a simple and fuss-free brewing kit.

Are there artificial flavourings in the coffee?

Coffee, just like any fruit can taste vastly different depending on where it is grown and how long it has taken to develop its flavours.

We use the closest existing flavour to represent and describe the unique properties from each region.

There are no artificial flavourings or added sugar in our coffee beans.

Who is this promotion for?

Anyone who is genuinely interested in making a switch for better coffee!

Our coffees are great without sugar and also contain less caffeine than robusta coffees.

They are also incredibly economical which helps you save a lot if you are already a frequent cafe-coffee drinker.

If you are already brewing your own coffee at home and you have your own brewing gear, this is the perfect opportunity for you :)

Is Specialty Coffee "Expensive"?

The answer is "Yes" only if you order it at a specialty coffee cafe.

The grade of coffee we are using can easily cost $7 and up per cup if you have it at a cafe.

One bag of our specialty grade coffee costs only $19.90 on subscription and brews up to 34 shots of espresso.

When you brew it yourself, it can cost as little as $1.20 for a double-shot latte which is even lesser than your typical "Kopi-O" at the coffee shop these days.

So to summarise, it does not cost you more to have a superior coffee drinking experience!

Which specialty coffee should I choose?

We generally recommend starting with the dark roast coffee series as it is the classic coffee flavour we are all used to in our daily cups.

If you want an interesting one-time experience to try, you can try out our light roast-tasting bundle where the coffee is much lighter and acidic which may not be suitable as a daily cup for casual drinkers.

However, if you are already a light-roast lover, go ahead and pick our light-roast series!

About the promotion

Really free?

Yes! Just help us handle the small shipping and handling fee as we are a small local boutique coffee roaster and we can't fully subsidise this promotion!

Previously we subsidised the shipping and handling fees too but we can no longer do so due to the high demand even from non-coffee drinkers.

We have added the fees so that only coffee lovers that genuinely value drinking better coffee can claim this promotion and give our coffee a try.

Each 120g trial bag makes 7~8 cups of cafe-quality coffee.

The subscription renews for $19.90 per 240g bag which makes 14-16 cups.

Can I claim this multiple times for my family?

Unfortunately not, it is only claimable once per household, and any extra orders automatically detected by our system will be canceled and the coupon will be forfeited. If you would like to try out our range, we recommend you get our tasting bundle!

Why was my order canceled automatically?

As this trial is a loss-making offer, we track every trial signup carefully to make sure that customers do not double-claim this trial.

This is a goodwill offer that is highly limited, we only want to give to genuine future customers and abusing this promotion is not fair to other customers.

We thank everyone for their kind understanding for helping us give out more free trials to genuine coffee lovers.

If our A.I systems detect a high likelihood of the same person purchasing the trial through digital fingerprinting, all orders from the customer will be canceled.

For repeated abusers your shipping fees will be charged as administrative fees for our trouble and will not be refunded so please refrain from doing so.

Do I have to stay subscribed after the trial period?

We hope that everyone claiming this promotion is open to subscribing to our coffee if you enjoy it! 

Coffee costs are increasing in 2023 ( especially specialty coffee ) so it's guaranteed that we will make a loss on this offer.

Specialty coffee is defined as any coffee that scores above 80 points on a 100-point scale so this coffee we are putting on free trial is the top 5% of the cohort of coffee produced in the world.

We hope that if you like the coffee you have, you will stay subscribed and support a local coffee roaster like us and also the small-hold farmers who worked hard to create the coffee :)

Also, the cost of brewing your own specialty-grade coffee is at least 3-4 times cheaper than having it in cafes so you are saving more in the long run whenever you choose to brew coffee yourself!

Everybody wins!