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We are on a mission to simplify the process of enjoying high quality coffee.

Brew a great cup every time!

The Yasumi French Press uses immersion brewing for the most consistent extraction of flavours while being super simple to use!
The Yasumi French Press
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To Gentle Mornings 🌻

Start your morning gently with our innovative swivel locking cup, perfect for coffee!
Gentle Morning cup
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  • We invite you to rethink 
    your coffee experience.

    When we think of the usual coffee experience, what comes to mind is a "perk-me-up", or an energy stimulating experience.

    We invite you to suspend the thought of coffee as a stimulant, and to discover the other side of the coffee experience.

    A calmer, more relaxing and intentional one.

    Think of every coffee you brew from now on as a rest, a break, or even a holiday from the hustle and bustle of modern life.
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  • Appreciating the coffee in your hand

    Before you make your first cup of Yasumi Coffee.

    Take some time to understand the way the coffee was grown and developed during the roasting process. You will receive a factsheet of your coffee in your email inbox.

    The species, the altitudes and also the care of the farmers contribute to the unique flavour profile of the coffee.

    Coffee is extremely hard to grow, and specialty coffee even harder.

    The top 6% of coffee produced today is in your hands.

    Smell the aroma, take some time to pause and be intentional about your experience.
  • Making your first brew without expectations

    Let go of your expectations of what you think your first brew will taste like. 

    Allow the coffee to show you how it is best brewed over time. Do not rush it.

    It may be a little too sour, a little too bitter at first.

    A little too strong, or a little too light.

    Any outcome is perfectly fine. Most people do not get a perfect brew the very first time.

    Make no judgement. Note down your experience and what you will change in your next brew.

    And if you don't enjoy the coffee at the end, try another.

    While specialty coffee is scarce, the different unique experiences you can get brewing a single coffee is infinitely abundant.
  • Pause and reflect after your brew

    Submit your first coffee journal entry with our journal form after you have brewed your coffee to continue with the first brew experience.

    You will get lifetime $1 off your subscription plan coupon code after you complete it.
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Yasumi Coffee is for everyone.

There is no perfect way on how to drink our coffee,
brew it just the way you like.

Please enjoy this freshly roasted coffee in a restful state of mind.

Let go of your worries and have a coffee yasumi
with anyone, anywhere.
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